Atlanta Mold & Cleaning Does A Great Job for Downtown Trees Atlanta!

Deforestation, or the felling of forest cover, occurs for a variety of reasons including meeting the needs of the agricultural, wood and urbanization industries. Other factors include forest fires and land abuse, resulting in an area of land being unfit for the growth of vegetation.

In hopes of controlling adverse effects of deforestation such as global warming and wildlife extinction, Downtown Trees Atlanta gathers local intel from companies to estimate how many saplings of each species should be planted to replace those that are cut down in the state of Georgia annually.

When Downtown Trees Atlanta, which is headquartered in Atlanta’s largest office building, was discovered to have a major mold problem, there were concerns that deconstruction and rebuilding of the venue would cause a negative impact on the organization’s goals.

That is when Atlanta Mold & Cleaning (a company associated with Mold Remediation Atlanta, LLC), stepped in and offered their services at a phenomenal rate. The job was completed with efficiency and with much care.




Atlanta Mold & Cleaning was started by Parnell Hall, a trusted veteran of the mold removal and remediation business, in October of 2016. He created the company to assist in meeting the increased needs of mold removal in Atlanta, which is prone to extreme, and potentially toxic mold due to its humid climate. Services provided include mold inspection and testing, mold remediation, and post mold remediation.

To cleanse Downtown Trees Atlanta of their mold infestation, Atlanta Mold & Cleaning first conducted an in depth visual inspection to pinpoint the cause of mold. After running various lab analysis to confirm and identify the presence of mold, the remediation process began.

The remediation method used by Hall’s crew is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, ensuring the safe drying filtering and fumigating of contaminated areas. Post mold remediation consists of an in depth inspection paired with scientific analysis to confirm the absence of any mold and mildew.

When final tests declared Downtown Trees Atlanta’s office space free of all contaminates, they were presented with an official certificate of clearance.

With certificate in hand, Downtown Trees Atlanta continues their mission of fighting deforestation in a safe environment for all.